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5 Ways To Handle Finals

A guy studying.

Eric Bailey

A guy studying. Credit:

Payton Quinn, Staff Writer

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  • Study Over a Span of Time

While everyone knows cramming is never a good idea, people tend to forget how effective it is to study over a long period of time. Even if it’s a couple problems or a small section, dividing up your material over a span of about a week or longer is crazy effective for solidifying concepts in your brain. It will also result in a less stressful studying session which is always healthy.

  • Make Sleep a Priority

When there’s a crunch to fit studying into an already-packed schedule, it can be easy to leave sleep on the backburner. But instead, help your future test-taking self out by designating a sleep schedule. Whether it be planning an 8 hour REM sleep at night, or even squeezing in a quick nap can help boost memory and make focusing a lot easier. A quick 20-30-minute nap has been proven to significantly aid in short-term memory without leaving a person feeling sluggish or foggy. So before you sit down to study, set time aside to slow down before running to the races.

  • Eat Smart Foods

Although it might not mean the difference between an A and an F, eating low-glycemic index foods have been shown to improve memory. Low-glycemic foods release their sugars slower than foods with a higher glycemic index. That’s the reason you experience a sugar-rush and soon comatose a few moments later with foods like donuts, potatoes, and most bread products. Eating foods that release their sugars over an extended period of time will keep you fuller and keep your irritability low.

  • Write Priorities Down

Keeping your priorities organized will be a huge factor in keeping the stress away. When you have designated time put away to study a certain subject, your studying time will be much smoother when you’re not worried about all the other concepts you have to get to

  • The Protégé Effect (Teach Other People)

Studies have shown that when you teach other the concepts you are learning, it proves to be one of the best ways to cement ideas and solutions. So even if you don’t feel confident, try helping out someone else and talking through the problem. When you do so, it’ll also help you spot your weak

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