Scattering Sunshine


Olivia Loughran, Staff Writer

In today’s world, we face so many problems, and it can all be really deceiving. Ashley McElroy is a freshman, and instead of watching the world fall and crumble, she strives to make a difference. “If everyone did their part and picked up after themselves, I feel like there would be fewer people on the streets. I know there are millions of people working on making the world better, and some people may think that’s enough, but we need all the help we can get,” McElroy said.

Not only does she hope to make a difference on our planet, but she finds ways to serve others and make a difference in their lives as well. “When other people help me out, I get this feeling that I want others to feel too. I guess it’s kind of a warm feeling,” McElroy said.

Her goal is to help others feel the same joy she has felt when others have served her. This summer, McElroy plans to spread a little more of that joy at Camp Paterson, along with other students from our school. At Camp Paterson, students have fun with kids with special needs and help them enjoy their summer. “We get to do crafts, and play games, and even eat lunch with them.” McElroy said. “I want to get into volunteering, and I thought this was a good way to start,”she said.

McElroy has come to find that you can be just as happy serving others, as you can when someone does you a favor. “I like seeing that impact I can make and see the smiles I bring to the faces of others,” McElroy said.

Serving others, whether it’s in your community, or across the globe, takes a lot of love and devotion, but that’s something McElroy has agreed to share. “Above anything else, I want to leave others with hope and happiness.”

She believes by giving up a little bit of your time, the world would be a better place. “I feel like all the problems we have around us could be solved if every one of us helped out and volunteered. I feel like the problems we have wouldn’t be there if everyone can be just a little more selfless,” McElroy said.

“I know I’ve been in a selfish mood before, we all have, but when you volunteer, you can see the change you are making. You can see a smile on a little kid’s face or a smile on the lady you just helped out.”

A lot of people take their blessings for granted when there are so many people out there who are less fortunate. McElroy hopes to give back to those out there. “I have opportunities that others may not have, and I try to give back as much as I can. Even if it’s just picking up a piece of trash I find, it’s all making a difference.” If there were more people like McElroy in the world, imagine the kind of place it would be.