The Ex Text and How to Handle the Drama

The Good, The Bad, The Crazy.


Abigail Schaefer

Why would you do this to me after all this time? I thought you forgot about me?

Abigail Schaefer

We all know it. The sweaty palms, the pounding heart, the feeling like you want to cry when the dreaded vibration of your phone buzzes with a message from the person you most want to go away. When you are just chilling with your friends or even your new “don’t have a label yet,” the screen gives your heart a tug.  You reread the name about five times, scared to open your phone. You just stare at it;  a deer in headlights.

You’re scared to open it, however, you push yourself and slide open the notification. When you do, the famous words pop up on your screen: “Hey I need to talk to you about something.”

Your brain goes haywire. What should I do now?

Well,  let’s discuss the options boys and girls.

Option 1: Leave them on read, break their heart like they did to you and be the cold-hearted boss you are. Be petty and let your inner shark out!

*might be pretty mean, maybe not recommend unless they did you dirty.

Option 2:. Actually be an adult, and respond, ask them why they felt the need to say that and listen to what they have to say. Maybe even sit down and have a real conversation. If you feel that maybe it would be good to clear the air and reconnect, then this is the best possible option.

Option 3: Flex on them. Respond and say sorry I don’t like you anymore, I am better than everrrrrrrr. Then post a bomb selfie, with you lookin’ good and rack in those potential new beaus’ comments.

Option 4: Cry your freaking eyes out. Don’t respond for a while, have a little cry party, blast sad music (my recommendation is surprisingly Selena Gomez, she’s gotten played one to many times man, by the floppy haired kid that all tweens went crazy for. Why we will never know), then proceed to eat a gallon of ice cream and then talk to them. Don’t let them know that they made you cry however you don’t want to seem weak. I have done this before, it really helped. Ice cream did make me sick however.

Option 5: Act superrrr weird….. it will make them scared and run away. Maybe hiss at them? No other words needed.

Option 6: Grab your besties and a bag full of toilet paper… you know what to do. Hehehe…

Option 7: Watch the Notebook. Or any other sad, cheesy, un-realistic movie about romance that has lied to you for the past 15-18 years of your life. This one helps until you throw the ice cream container or chocolate box at the TV like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. And then shout “Liar!”

In the end, all these options are good but listen to what your heart says. You may feel angry, sad, and hurt but remember who you are, the beautiful individual you are. So, go have fun with it, but never drop your head. Hold your head up and don’t let that crown slip! Strut your stuff.

However, it is Christmas time and having no boo during the holidays is hard…. I am not saying play them but spring fever is only three months away? And how did they treat you? But remember every action has a consequences? Or does it? Hhhhmmmmmm?

Alright I am out. Mic drop……… lol I have always wanted to say that.