Lloyd Higgins Speaks at MLK Assembly


photo by Sarandyn Keel-Schexnayder

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

During our Martin Luther King Jr assembly, Lloyd Higgins, longtime friend of Mr. Larson, gave a moving speech about his experiences facing racism and how he didn’t let it stop him. His speech, “sticks and stones” taught students the importance of words and how they can “break a heart” and “shatter your dreams.” He mentioned his experiences growing up in a racist community and how he didn’t let that affect him. “I never bothered for that, I just said, you know what, if I can’t just develop some relationships I’m going to find myself in better situations.” 

In an interview with Higgins he recalls a time when he “called [his] dad to tell him that [he] was playing at a golf course where [his dad]was never was allowed to play.” He went into the “all white” church near his campus of Texas Christian University, a primarily conservative white college, and he felt accepted, despite what others told him about the church being ‘only for white folks.’ If he had listened to what people said and listened to all the racist comments, he never would have joined the TCU football team, served on the TCU yearbook staff, or earned a Seahawks Superbowl ring in 2014. 

During Higgins interview with the publications staff, he was asked how his life and the message he is portraying impacts his daughter.  He answered, “Even though we are in a more progressive time, she does still face discrimination, especially since she is  mixed race. Being both black and white has made it more difficult to fit in,” he said.

Higgins’ said sharing his stories with his daughter have influenced her to be very much like her dad. “She handles it with flying colors and is doing great,” She is a currently serving in the Peace Corps.

Both Higgins and his daughter are examples of how they haven’t based their lives on others’ prejudices. Hopefully we are moving closer to a time where no one will have to deal with racism and discrimination.