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Haley Ahlquist, staff writer

Five, six, seven, eight!  The 2019-2020 dance team started off the season with several new members. Here’s a Q & A to get caught up with the happenings of the team.

What has your favorite memory been from this season ?

Delaney Huck (11): “My favorite memory has probably been watching Pet Cemetery with the whole team.”

Devon Harmsworth (10): “When we had a dance party to Rihanna and I was screaming the lyrics.”

What has the bond been like with the new members?

Delaney: “We are all very close, and we love to laugh!”

Devon: “Wholesome and very Lit.”

Are there any before performance rituals?

Delaney: “Before going out to perform, we pray to Jesus.”

Devon: “Right before we go on we scream: “GP are you with me, OH YEAH”.

How has the outcome been?

Delaney: “Every competition we have performed we made it to districts.”

Devon: “Very positive, I’m a cooler person now.”

How long do you prepare for each competition?

Delaney: “We prepare for over four months.”

Devon: “A very long time.”

What fun activities do you do before or after competitions?

Delaney: “After competitions we go somewhere and eat food and watch movies.”

Devon: “We go get food, after a long day of competing.”

What are the costumes like for your competitions?

Delaney & Devon: “Our costumes for competitions are 80’s themed. We wear blue, red or white overalls, and Tommy boxers.”

How are the competitions scored?

Delaney & Devon:  Competitions are scored by three judges. They judge on how clean the piece is, and the level of complexity of the dance. They judge on appearance which is costume, makeup, and hair. Then they add the judges scores together and get a score out of 300.”