10 Things To Do When You Can’t Leave the House


Chloe Nacorra-Scruggs, Staff Writer

As we all know, schools have shut down because of the coronavirus. Glacier Peak, being one of the schools, has closed down indefinitely.  To some, this may seem like an extra long spring break. But to most, this brings boredom. This “coronacation” or “corona break” has brought a lot of us to realize that school is actually enjoyable because of the social interaction. Here’s 10 fun things to do while at home or with friends during this break to help pass time:

Build a Fort 

Just like you did when you were a little kid, building a fort brings forth imagination and creativity. Even though it sounds childish, building a fort is a great way to spend the day. Gather a lot of blankets and pillows, then begin your fort. It’s as simple as that.

Binging Netflix Shows 

Although Netflix can’t keep us hooked forever, it is always nice to snuggle up and catch up on some shows or start a new one. Netflix offers shows that’ll keep you watching, such as Stranger Things, Jane the Virgin, and The Office. Netflix is also constantly coming out with new shows, like I am Not Okay With This and the new season of On My Block.

Baking or Cooking Something Fancy 

Being cooped up inside does no one any good, but eating a good meal does. Whether it’s baking simple chocolate chip cookies or making a three course meal, making something with your hands and not staring at a screen could do us all some good. With a variety of recipes at our fingertips, we can decide what we want to make for our quarantine time. Cooking and baking are great ways to relieve yourself of boredom.

Set Up an In-Home Spa 

With the stressful times of the coronavirus and the panic caused by it, taking a nice relaxing time for yourself could be what is most needed. Setting up a warm bath with a bath bomb, Epsom salts, or essential oils will make for a great night in. Playing some fun or relaxing tunes while jamming out in the bath would take your mind off of this global pandemic for a little bit.

Playing Board Games

Whether it’s playing with your family or friends, board games are fun ways to pass time and have some interaction with others. Due to the panic of going outside, we won’t get much human interaction until it dies down. Board games are a great way to get that interaction that we need. Not only will it bring smiles, but it will also give a sense of normality.