President Lauren Peltier Goes Live with Joe Jonas


Abigail Schaefer

On March 25, a GP student had a very special celebrity experience and a dream come true. Lauren Peltier, a junior and our ASB President, also known as a Jonas Brothers super fan, went live with her favorite person in the entire world, Joe Jonas from the Jonas brothers.

“The Jonas brother are my favorite people in the whole world and Joe Jonas is my favorite,” Peltier said. She was watching Joe’s live on Instagram like she does every time and every so often Joe is known to add fans to his live and join him.

“I always request to join every time, hoping he picks me. When I requested last Wednesday, I had a special feeling about this one request,” she said. She didn’t know why she had such a good feeling, but she just did.

“I was kind of just listening to him talk not paying super close attention this time when suddenly my phone went quiet and my screen went white saying I had connected to his live. I started freaking out and then I popped up on the screen with him still freaking out. I said hi and that I had met him in Tacoma at one of his concerts. I said love you to him and he said hi back and love you too.” She was so in shock and full of happiness that right after she started crying uncontrollably and freaking out.

“Its been almost a week and I still can’t stop talking about it. My family is sick of hearing the same story,” Peltier joked.

Its not every day that a super fan like Lauren gets to go live and talk with their fav celebrity. But when it does happen its always a memorable moment.

If you would like to see the video of the live, please go to Lauren’s Instagram account where it is posted.