Larson’s Answers!


Lilja Bjornsson, Staff Writer

What are your expectations for the next couple months?

“My first expectation is that all of the students and staff follow the safety expectations. It’s just critical that we do everything we can to ensure that everybody is safe. After that, my expectation is that students who choose to come on campus get as much of a high school experiences we can provide. But it’s also my expectation that students who stay remote continue to receive the best education they can that we can provide as well.”

In terms of emotional counselling and support, what services are the school providing aside from regular counselors and normal services are available?

“We are very fortunate, so for one we have a great counseling team, but early in the year we were able through a Snohomish County grant to hire a position called the student Support advocate and that is Ms.Mason, she’s fabulous so it’s a next level of services for students that need that next level support whether it’s connections with community with organizations. She’s the liaison. So we have our counselors. And then if we’re unable to provide what students need, we have in-place on campus, another person to connect them with the resources that they do need. So she’s awesome and we’re really excited to have that position.”

How do you hope to showcase the royalty courts, and what your hope for providing a homecoming experience for students?

“We are excited that we get to do something to meet the needs of students in person and remote and I think Mrs.Corwin’s is a Hall of Famer and student activities for reason. I think we are going to be able to provide that experience virtually as well as in person for those that want it.

“With a virtual assembly and recognizing the court where I think we might get lucky, is that if things continue to go well. That’s right in the middle of winter sports, so there will be boys’ and girls’ basketball happening the week of at homecoming week. So, while it might not be recognizing the court at halftime of a football game, it might be recognizing the court at halftime of a basketball game.”

Would you guys be looking into continuing the tradition of the truck and Camero drive through of the King and Queen and the other members in our stadium?

“We are interested in looking at everything, the problem is we can’t hold many people in our stadium. We can do things here, but we would be under the current conditions and limited to I believe right now we can fit about 41 people in our stands so, It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the vehicles. We can recognize the court in the gym. There is, I think there’s opportunities to do it. It won’t look like a Friday night in October, but that’s OK. I think it could be actually pretty cool.”

What are you most looking forward to with having students back in school?

Response: “For students I think it’s so important that students get to spend time around each other. I think it’s so important that students who choose to connect with teachers for in person learning. Just to have the support of teachers of counselors of classified administrators just to feel a part of the Community again.”

“And for many students, just being part of the events outside of school, the clubs and the Athletics is so important. It is what high school memories are made of.

And it’s our goal to provide seniors who choose to be here with us, and many of the senior activities experiences as possible. And it’s our goal too to really get the underclassmen in position to hit the ground running next year so that that the anxiety and the questions are worked out now to get them ready to rock and roll in September.”