Key Club Takes Action this Thanksgiving


Sabrina Wang, Staff Writer

The Key Club Meeting is in Ms. White’s classroom on Tuesday at 2:20p.m. Key Club members, will write thank you letters to their favorite teachers. Last year Key Club also held a similar event. The Key Club Officers decided to keep the event going because the students enjoyed and participated in it so much.

The members thought it was a great opportunity to express their gratitude to their teachers. Everyone started discussing which teacher to write to. “I felt that all the hard work a teacher puts into improving and delivering course curriculum and waking up early each day and doing the “behind the scenes” work is something that we generally miss. So, taking a moment during this busy holiday to say your thanks and letting them know how much you appreciate them is something I believe to be very heartwarming for both the student and the staff. And because there is nothing more precious and heartwarming than making one’s day better by letting them know your appreciation, this activity is hence made significant in my personal opinion,” Elena Chen said。

Most members chose to write thank you cards to the teachers who taught them this year. After writing the first letter, many members decided to write more for other teachers. Elena Chen also said, “I recall so many staff members that had made my fellow students and I feel welcomed, and honestly wished that I could write more thank you letters if I had time, but given the amount of time limited, I’ve completed a total of three letters.”

At the end of the meeting, the club officers would count the number of the letters and place them on the teacher’s door or table. The Key Club President Eliana Kim said, “I am excited to see the teacher’s reactions.”