Holiday Game Ideas


Haley Ahlquist, Staff writer


Are you looking for fun and easy games to play on Christmas Eve, or a holiday party with your family? Well here are some fun and easy games to make your Christmas eve jollier.

  1. White Elephant Gift Exchange:

This one is a classic game that most families or friends play the rules are very basic:

  • Everyone buys an item and wraps it and puts it under the Christmas tree.
  • The first person who was picked grabs a present and opens it.
  • The remaining people get the decision to either “steal” someone gift or unwrap another item under the tree.

  1. Saran Wrap Christmas Game:

This creative game can lead to a lot of fun!

  • First, wrap a bunch of small prizes into a giant ball of saran wrap
  • While the first person starts unwrapping the next person is rolling dice till the roll doubles, once they roll doubles the ball is passed onto the next person.
  • Don’t stop unwrapping till the person rolls doubles
  • You get to keep whatever falls out of the saran wrap

  1. Secret Santa:

This game is like White Elephant but a little different

  • Each member will pull someone’s name out of hat to see who their person is
  • And they will buy a gift for that person
  • Then the person has to guess who gave you that gift

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge

Enjoy this competitive challenge with your friends and family to see who can make the best ugly Christmas sweater!

  • Have all the guests pick from a selection of decorations to pick from
  • And they only have 30 minutes to make the best Christmas sweater
  • After time is up have all the guests judge to see who made the ugliest sweater!

  1. Christmas Gift Wrap-up

This is a fun and Competitive activity to play with your family!

  • Get two boxes that are the same size
  • Each guest has a partner
  • And each partner can only use one hand to try and wrap the present
  • Make sure you communicate and work together to the present wrapped before the other team!