Online High School Student to an Online College Student


photo by Changbok Ko

Covid-19. Just three months ago we were normal high school students making sure we got to each class on time and were doing our work. Now, here we are doing online school in quarantine. As a senior we lost our prom, not graduation but it has downsized a lot, and many more senior activities.

This is not what we expected at all. With the year coming to an end we are having to deal and figure out with what’s happening with college. Many college campuses have moved to an online model for the first quarter or semester which is not ideal for anyone looking forward to dorm move-in day. 

After graduating high school, students want to get to college and experience all that we have been looking forward to and having the opportunity to live in a dorm or live on their own and experience adulthood. Covid has created a lot of chaos in everything. Of course seniors should be grateful that they are healthy, but when it comes to our senior year, graduating and going into our first year of college, it’s a big deal. Our future is something we have dreamed of and talked about most of our lives. Sadly, it was just taken from us. 

When it comes down to what colleges are still planning on being open, many colleges here in Washington are staying with the decision to stay open as of right now. Schools in California have already decided to go online for the first six months. Not knowing what will happen in the next few months, it is possible for schools to still decide that they will have their classes online instead of in person. With everything that is happening, all we must do is stay safe and make sure we follow the guidelines of the governor’s phases so the process will move at the quickest possible in getting life back on track.