Naughty or Nice List?


Izzie Westlund, Staff Writer

There is a thrill that comes with giving and receiving Christmas gifts. The excitement of ripping open the wrapping paper, searching through the tissue paper, or seeing what treats you have in your stocking (unless you got coal). But underneath all that pretty disguise is the gift that is waiting for you. Sometimes, you are super excited about what you got. Maybe you got a new phone, or a cool pair of shoes that you’ve wanted for a long time. But on the other hand, sometimes you get gifts that you aren’t so stoked about. For example, maybe you got a dictionary, or a really ugly sweater.  

Some people got super cool gifts this Christmas. For example, Alexa Ramirez found out that she is going to go on a trip. “I found out I’m going to California, which is exciting because I get to visit my cousin and celebrate her birthday with her, which we weren’t able to do before because of the pandemic.” Addie Pierce received some great gifts this Christmas as well. “I got so many great gifts this year, but my favorite gift was probably my new phone. I was really surprised that I got it because I didn’t ask for one, but it was a really cool surprise!” 

On the contrary, some people got some not-as-exciting gifts this Christmas. For instance, Brynna Pukis was a tad disappointed when she got the same gift from her grandmother as she got last year. “I’m incredibly grateful for all the gifts that I got, but my least favorite present was a present that my grandma sent to me from South Dakota. It was the exact same puzzle that she sent me last year, and I’ve already done it before, so it wasn’t one of my favorites.”

Alternatively, Allese Wirtz got a cool gift, but she was let down when it ended up not working. “My least favorite gift that I got for Christmas was probably my light projector, because even though it looked cool, it ended up not working right. Other than that, I really liked everything that I got.”