Chinese Character Writing


Sabrina Wang, Staff Writer

The Chinese club was held as scheduled on March 14th. As a club that promotes traditional Chinese culture, its members have a lot of interest in Asian culture. In this meeting, the Chinese club organized a word chain game among its members.

Each member is given a whiteboard and marker. The host tells the first member a Chinese character, and they write it down and pass it on to the next member until the last member writes the final answer. This game is very interesting because everyone’s handwriting style is different, and some people are unfamiliar with writing Chinese characters because they have not taken Chinese classes before. “It was a fun activity, even though I didn’t know all the characters, but it was helpful for me to learn new words,” said Chloe Lee, a member of Chinese club. 

Unlike the calligraphy brush strokes of traditional Chinese culture, characters written with markers and whiteboards are more concise and clearer for new students to read. The activity allowed the students to exercise their handwriting abilities and help them be more confident in their own handwriting, all while interacting with friends. “It was hard to use the brush to write Chinese characters because you need to control the brush. Using a whiteboard and marker is more of an essay than a brush to write,” Lee said.

The officers of the club also decided to purchase shuttlecocks for the club. Shuttlecock kicking is a traditional Chinese sport that is as well-known and popular as ping pong. Almost every Chinese family has a member who can play shuttlecock kicking. The next activity will allow members to practice shuttlecock kicking and experience traditional Chinese sports culture.