Currently We Are Obsessing Over These Things – see notes


Kaylee wearing the Classic Mini Ugg's, a Carhartt Beanie, drinking a warm oat milk latte.

Lucie Cartier, Staff Writer

We have quirks. We like what we like. Currently, these are the highlights of trending items.

Oat milk lattes- Oat milk is a relatively new alternative milk. We just started serving this alternative milk at the coffee stand I work at and the response from customers is great. Many of my friends  are becoming more and more obsessed with oat milk. It’s creamier than almond milk and has a slight nutty taste perfect for your latte. There are many oat milk products including oat milk yogurt, oat milk ice cream, oat milk coffee creamer, etc. Whether you are lactose intolerant or you are searching for a new favorite alternative milk in your coffee, I would highly suggest giving oat milk a try.

Short Ugg’s- As we all know, Ugg’s were the shoe of choice in 2010. However, since then Ugg’s have gone out of style appearing in stores like Nordstrom Rack in the sale bin. Recently though, Ugg made a comeback with a shorter Ugg called the Classic mini Ugg. They look exactly the same as the Classic Ugg that everybody wore in 2010 except a few inches off the top. Maggie Macdonald and Gretchen Geraghty, Youtuber’s with a very large following have been seen wearing them. More and more I see girls wearing Ugg’s again at school, but the mini Ugg’s.

Carhartt Beanies- Whether its cold or not, you will definitely see somebody at school wearing a Carhartt beanie. They are like the silly bandz back in elementary school, EVERYBODY has them. Boy or girl, somebody is probably wearing one around you. They are a very simple beanie, with the Carhartt tag on the lip facing the front. Students at GP also really like the Carhartt sweatshirts, of course, probably paired with a beanie. You can buy one of these trendy beanies here:

Before reading this, you have probably seen or heard about one of these items around campus, but now you know the trends. While the iconic look in 2010 was yoga pants with Ugg’s and a Starbucks in hand, the 2020 look probably consists of an oat milk latte in hand paired with a Carhartt beanie, yoga pants and mini Ugg’s.