Surviving High School in Quarantine

Surviving High School in Quarantine

Cody Carlson, Staff Writer

Quarantine has been a very difficult time.  Kids being kept from their friends at time and from school.  The challenge is significant for many.  But what can we do to survive during this time?  For many, talking to and helping our friends helps.

“I’m talking to my friends and making sure that they’re doing good and if they need anything. I’m surviving during this time because I’m surrounding myself with people that will make me positive and not put me down”. – Zachary G For others, family brings them up.

“I’m hanging out a lot with family and I’m doing quite well surviving, it’s just hard without the social interaction from school”. – Maleah A  For others, taking a break to recharge helps.

“I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends online and making an effort to facetime or just call them to catch up.  I’ve been taking mental breaks by just taking a break after school to watch a show I like or take a nap to recharge.  High school is stressful during this time and we are given lots of homework so taking breaks has helped me a lot.” – Kendall A

For a lot people, FaceTime helps.

“I’m doing well and what keeps me going is FaceTiming my friends and family daily”. – Kiera K  As for me, online school has helped, I work better on computers, so it’s easier for me.  Also, I can sleep in and shut off my video, so I don’t have to worry about how I look or other students judging me.  It’s also easier to get my homework done on Friday and not have to worry about it over the rest of the weekend and just relax because the entire time we’re at home so I have a lot more time for school work.