Prom Suggestions


Eloise Inacio, Staff Writer

For seniors, prom is the pinnacle of  dances. The big day is May 13.  Celebrated since 1895, prom marks the completion of our seniors high school career, and is their last dance altogether before graduation, where some may never see each other again. Our seniors here have many suggestions to offer in order to have the best night of the year. “I had the chance to go last year as a junior. I had a lot of fun. I have good memories from that night,” Kylee Wilson said. “I’m aggressively shaking my head to say yes, I’m excited to go this year as a senior. We definitely should raise more money thanks to fundraisers to be able to have more fancy decorations or a cool DJ. Last year was a success so I hope is going to be the same or even better this year,” Wilson said.

While dancing is a main part of this popular event, it can grow tiring after hours, thus, snacks are more than welcomed. We all know that teenagers and food are a love story. “That would be cool if we can have certain food, there are a lot of different nationalities in the school, so we could try new food and snacks,” Ali Al-Mansuri said.

You really don’t want to miss your last school dance ever. “Prom is about eating, dressing up and hanging out with friends,” Wilson said.

One of the most important and anticipated parts of prom is to be well dressed up. Many use this day as an opportunity to go all out on their hair, outfit, makeup, and even transportation to the event itself. “We should have only one or a pair of colors, like that people can wear black and white for example,” Al-Mansuri said.

Seniors are just itching to go to their prom this year, so make sure to get your outfit shopping done ahead of time.