A Dress to Remember


A group of girls pose in their unique dresses for prom pictures.

Anna Muszynski


Ever since High School Musical 3 came out all those years ago, I have been dreaming of going to prom. At the beginning of this year, it was just a side thought in the back of my head as something so far away that I didn’t even need to think about it yet. All of a sudden it was April and I realized I had to pick a dress. After hours of scouring the internet trying to find the perfect one, I fell in love with a mega-sparkly, strapless A-line that changed shades of blue in different lighting. It made me look and feel like a princess. As I finally got to rock out to “A Night to Remember” with Troy and Gabriella while doing my makeup and getting my hair done, I started getting incredibly excited to see all of my classmates all dressed up and ready to have the night of their lives. It takes a lot of courage to make a bold statement on such an important night, and these beautiful ladies had some of the most unique dresses on the dance floor.

Meghan Hayes: “I chose my dress because I feel like usually, I’m a really shy person and this dress makes me stand our when I usually wouldn’t by myself. I felt confident and great about myself in it. The dance was super fun, it was really nice to be with all my senior friends one more time before they all leave.”

Eden Iazeolla: “I chose my prom dress because I found the detailing and the embroidery very unique and different. I felt like the colors stood out on the black base and added a different effect. I always wanted a dress that pressed the bounds of being a bit too extra and I felt like I found that in my dress! My prom experience was nothing like the movies, however it was a night that I got to spend with some of my closest friends and will for sure go down as one of the nights to remember.”

Hanna Ceja: “My mom is actually the one who found my prom dress. When I first saw it I was not to sure, but once I tried it on I fell in love with it! I thought the pattern was very unique and I knew it would stand out. I decided to wear yellow shoes and earrings because it popped with the blue and white. Overall, my prom experience was really great! I got to have fun and dance with my friends while also wearing a beautiful dress.”

Kim Freitas: “My sister wore this dress for her prom back in 2010, and ever since I saw her in it as a little girl I dreamt of wearing it for my prom too. I couldn’t get over how artistic it looked; I dressed up in it for years just for fun. I’ll honestly never forget my experience at the dance, and honestly, I’m so glad I went without a date. Prom will only hold memories of my friends and I, and I’ll never have to look back a past relationship that maybe didn’t turn out so well. I have never had so much fun in my life.”

Samantha Boyle: “My dress was actually one my mom had worn on a cruise with my dad on a formal night about 20 some years ago. I really liked the style and class of it and that it was something that no one else would have. I had a lot of fun at prom! I can’t seem to think of anything negative to say about that night, mainly because I was with my best friends, Brooke and both of our dates who we all met from cross country. We’ve been to all three dances together this year but this was by far the best one.”

Savannah Hasselbaum: “I’ve been sewing for over eight years now, so I think people would have been shocked if I had shown up in a store-bought dress. I found the original at Worthy in Snohomish and fell in love. It was a vintage wedding dress, probably from the 60s or 70s. The gorgeous skirt was what really sold me on it. The top was okay, but it needed a little revamping – so that’s what I did! The dance was a nice little last hurrah to my friends a grade above me.”

Skyler Groenier: “The dress boutique I work at had this dress in store for over a year. Ever since we first got it, I absolutely loved how out-of-the-box and artsy it looked, like a watercolor painting. I watched several girls almost buy it for their prom last year, but I’m glad they didn’t. I knew I wanted a dress that was unique and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I ended up purchasing the dress in July and my boss customized a keyhole in the top and crystals all over the skirt.”

Shelby Miller: “Over a year ago I fell in love with this dress when it was in the runway show I did with Elizabeth Lambert Designs. A year later it was for sale and I knew the minute I walked in that it had to be mine. I’ve been absolutely in love with it ever since. Prom was amazing! Seeing all my friends looking as beautiful as ever and spending our last dance ever together was such a bittersweet experience.”