Halloween in review: Top Haunted Houses

Halloween in review: Top Haunted Houses

Zachary Shumway, Staff Writer

Many haunted houses opened up in the month of October, bringing an assortment of monsters and jump scares to the area. If you find yourself missing the spooky season, here are highlights from some of the more local haunted houses.

Stocker Farms

Stocker Farms sells tickets online or at the gate. Once you buy your tickets, whether online for $20 or at the farm for $23, you will have a ticket for two haunted mazes. Once you have tickets, you can choose to enter the comical route or the scary route. The comical route has an average wait time of around 45 minutes. Once you enter the maze, you will follow a path through small shacks with strobe lights, various types of mythical monsters, and tunnels with stationary bridges and twisting walls. If you choose to enter the scary route, it will have an average wait time of 75 minutes. Upon entering, you will follow a path through short shacks connected to unstable overhangs, dark shadows harboring jump scares, and various monsters walking along beside you until you reach the end of the scary path, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of what the farm has to offer.

Thomas Family Farms

Thomas Family Farms sells tickets to their haunted hotel attraction for $20. Upon arriving, you will have an average wait time of around 75 minutes. Once you enter the haunted house, you will be taken into a small room to view a corrupted advertisement for the old hotel, which you will subsequently enter. The haunted hotel contains small hallways with difficult to navigate rooms, strobe lights in bright rooms to obscure your vision, and hallways with both moving and stationary statues. Upon finishing the haunted hotel route, you will be chased out the exit by a man wearing a ski mask and holding a chainsaw.

Carleton Farms

Carleton Farms sells tickets for $20 online, or at the entrance for the same price. Once you receive your haunted house tickets, you will have about a 10-minute wait before you can enter a 25-minute long haunted swamp filled with monsters such as zombies, shortening cages for you to enter, and seemingly very dark shadows around the path, concealing various jump scares After finishing the first part, you will be able to enter back into the swamp to experience the second part of the haunted attraction, which includes a few last-minute scares before you can exit the haunted swamp.