The Show Must Go On


Olivia Coppock, Staff Writer

The Theatre Club is performing this spring after a long year and a half off from rehearsals.  With last year’s show canceled, they’ve planned a bigger and better performance of Cinderella with opening night on April 8. The cast is adapting to new ways of learning to dance the waltz while always masked and keeping a 3-foot distance. The theater will only be at 50% capacity which leaves many financial challenges. With all the restrictions faced, the theatre club ran concessions at our football games, participated in a fabric drive, and are now wrapping up a fundraiser selling bedsheets.

“I have never been prouder of our GP family and what they are accomplishing putting this fabulous production together,” club adviser Mr. Jordan said.

After last year’s long journey, $25,000 spent on production costs, 4.5 months of rehearsals, multiple hours of prep, costuming, lighting, sound and of course dancing, singing and acting, GP’s production of “Cinderella” came to a major halt. With the school closure due to Covid-19 the performance was forced to come to an end. There were no ticket sales or performances from students.

Hannah Taylor was cast again this school year as Cinderella and looking forward to continuing in her role. She was only one of few who came back this year due to many of last year’s cast and production crew graduating.

The play has multiple different versions, with the original by Charles Perrault back in 1697. A. With the wicked stepmother and the two jealous stepsisters, Cinderella doesn’t stand a chance going to the ball, but with the help of her fairy godmother, she might just enchant her one and only prince.

“With all these challenged and hurdles the students at glacier peak in our theatre program are rising to the occasion with unparalleled enthusiasm,” Jordan said. “Their determination and creativity to put on a fabulous show and have an amazing experience for all involved are impressive.”