Spike in Cases

Spike in Cases

Olivia Coppock, Staff Writer

We all have seen around us the impact the new Covid variant has taken on our school. Though we all have done well keeping masks up and sanitizing regularly, lots of GP kids are missing. With it also being cold and flu season, it makes the school seem even more empty and there are even more people testing because of the variety of diseases around us. As the weather begins to warm back up, we hope to see a decrease in cases nationwide. This spike is expected to drop based off of many reports.  

As a community we can all do better for each other. We can keep our masks up and stay home if you are sick.  Talk to the school immediately if you were exposed or are facing symptoms of covid and they will guide you to the staying at home protocols. Staying home is difficult right now, finals season is just around the corner, but your teachers will help you from home whenever you need it. Teachers know how hard your working!  

Mr. Juhl comments on his impact and how, “With so many students out sick (some with COVID, some with colds or flus), I am having to email home more frequently about what the students are missing in class, although since I basically put everything that we do in class on Canvas, it should be relatively easy for students to stay current with the rest of the class, if they have the option to use Canvas (that is, if they have working Internet at home) and if they choose to use it. 

Over 17% of our student body is out with Covid, though we are one of the best districts when following protocols and having the least number of cases, it is still around us. Classes are empty, some with 10+ kids missing and more subs than normal. Keep your 3feet distance in the halls and in class to the best of your ability and follow the seating rules at lunch. Either we have kids out with covid and quarantining for 2 weeks or have been exposed and must quarantine till a negative Covid test comes back. 

As of January 18, we had 294 students absent and of that 41 of those students are on the Glacier Peak quarantine list. We are starting to see a decrease in students out and being quarantined only because as of January 11 the amount of students on the quarantine list was 44 and 332 were absent completely. The students on the list for being quarantined could be Covid positive, came in close contact, or are out on precaution waiting for a test.

The more we come together as a school to keep our community healthy, the faster finding a resolution will be and having some sense of normal at school and outside of school. If you have any questions you can speak to one of your teachers or any school staff or a fellow friend. Let’s stay healthy GP! Sanitize and Mask up.