The Last Waltz


Toni Jack, Staff Writer

Prom became the topic of conversation throughout many different classes this past month, with the excitement of being the first prom to be hosted by the school since Covid-19 swept across the nation. With many unique styles and colors, the prom theme “The Last Waltz” was surely highlighted.  Students were excited to share their thoughts on a magical night, filled with fire, dancing and epic entrances.

“The overall environment was magical,” Brynna Farman said. 

Though the speakers went out several times due to the dancing shaking the floor enough to unplug the equipment from the wall, there was a special moment among the students that some say they will never forget. The students began to chant one of their favorite chants, which was popular among the students who attended the football and basketball games during the fall and winter seasons. 

“I felt like the school was really together as one, we started to yell out loud instead of yelling at the DJ,” Sofiya Kukhotskaya said. “We made our own music to the one song that we all know and have grown to love over the years.” 

Throughout the many proms high schools around the country experience, getting ready for prom may look different for everybody else. The schedule may be long and complex, or it may be short, simple, and stress-free.

“We went to Mukilteo to take pictures at the lighthouse then went to Emorys for dinner,” Logan Wyvel said. “Then we went to prom. It was pretty straightforward. The music was very Tik Tok related, though. Some good ones were thrown in there but the senior music taste was kinda lame.” 

Overall, seniors had nothing but good things to say about the environment and night itself. Though high school may be coming to an end and some seniors have developed “senioritis”, some students aren’t ready to see it end.

“I’m happy with it. It’s like a chapter book coming to an end. It’s sad but it has to happen,” Brynna Farman said.