Burritos Are Back!


Tula Nicholson, Staff Writer

Burritos were missing since the 2020 school year and students are more than excited for their return to the DECA Den.

The burritos come with a handful of chips and a side of salsa to make it a full meal.  With 90 burritos sold on the first day of sales, the DECA den brought in approximately $100. The burritos come from the Mexican restaurant Mazatlan in Everett. At a price of $5.95 from Mazatlan, and $7.00 at the DECA den, they make $1.05 in profit for each burrito sold. The three types of burritos are  Chicken, Chicken-Bacon Ranch, and Rice and Bean. “I got a chicken burrito. It’s delicious,” Ryan Domingcil said.

Most students believe that the price of the burrito is worth it for what they get, but also suggest that more chips be provided, with only a small handful of chips in the bag. When asked if the price was worth it to him, Domingcil said “For the burrito, yeah, but we only get like a few chips, so no.” 

Senior Theodore Ojeda works in the DECA Den and explained the process of selling the burritos and how he likes the job.  “It’s really fun, you know. Wednesdays come and it’s kind of scary because I know that everyone is going to get the burritos, but it’s chill we make a lot of money,” Ojeda said.  

The most popular burrito out of the three types is the chicken, but the other flavors are still liked by GP lunch eaters. “Honestly yeah, the chicken bacon ranch one is really good,” Ojeda said.  

The DECA Den will have burritos on Wednesdays for the rest of the year, so make sure to stop by and get one during A or B lunch.