Pride is Coming to Snohomish


Hiro Hirano-Holcomb, Staff Writer

As June steadily approaches along with the end to the school year and graduation for many of our fellow Grizzlies, so does Pride Month. For those who do not know, Pride Month is a month dedicated to the celebration of LGBTQ+ pride and takes place in June in commemoration of the Stonewall Uprising which took place in late June and early July of 1969 and marked a turning point in the Gay Rights movement.  

Years ago, before high school, before the COVID-19 Pandemic, I attended my first, albeit small, pride event at Willis Tucker Park, dragging my mom and my younger brother along with me. I was not yet out. I could not help my excitement at learning that there was a pride event happening so close to me and I remember the joy and wonderment I felt walking across the lawns of the park that had become covered in rainbow colors. Four years later, the city of Snohomish is finally holding its first pride parade. 

On Saturday, June 3rd, Snohomish will be hosting its first Pride celebration complete with sponsors from local Snohomish businesses and will begin with a march down First Street at 10 a.m., followed by a variety of events including a pride pop-up, a kids’ fair, a wine walk, bingo, and a queer cabaret. The karaoke after party which starts at 9 p.m. concludes the day’s festivities. The Snohomish Pride activities include both 21+ and all ages events.  

The Snohomish Education Association, the teacher’s union representing our teachers at Glacier Peak High School and teachers at other schools in the Snohomish School District, will participate in the march. All students and staff in the Snohomish School District are invited to march alongside them in their section. 

Want to participate in Snohomish Pride? More information can be found here: