The Best Classes to Take Senior Year


Yearbook students take a day at Disneyland during a National Journalism Conference field trip..

Elisabeth Avenell, Staff Writer

Everybody is well aware that senior year is rough. You’re months away from getting thrown into the real world. You’re expected to actually attend class, sometimes even five days a week. Here are some classes that will make senior year a little bit better. Be careful, as most 4 year colleges want to see a “college ready” student taking “college ready” classes, so don’t go overboard with the light load, rather try this grouping for a successful senior year.   

  1. A PE class, preferably team sports or racket sports. Taking PE your senior year is the best. If it’s in the middle of the day it’s a nice break from other classes especially if you have a heavy class load.
  2. Forensics. According to Bianca Bailey, “Forensics is the best. It is super interesting and I feel like I can actually use some of this stuff in the real world.” It is only a semester long science class so it should be paired with Marine Biology to get the full experience.
  3. Advanced Animal Biology. This advanced science class is taught by Mrs. Ashmon, AKA the best science teacher. Advanced Animal Biology looks great on transcripts especially if you want to do something with animals in the future. Also, it has a very light course load with very little homework. It is the ultimate senior science class.
  4. AP Gov. For just a little bit more work than the normal government classes, you can take AP government and be guaranteed to have either Hauck or Blair. Also, AP Government is a year long class compared to the regular government classes so you don’t have to worry about switching teacher/your schedule getting flipped around.
  5. Yearbook. Fun fact- yearbook counts as a senior English credit to graduate and most colleges accept it (always double check though). If you are better at arts/design than English, definitely take yearbook senior year. Also, yearbook has donut Fridays, yearbook conventions, and Green.