Real or Fake Tree- Let’s Vote


Jacob Kanaly, staff

Almost everyone puts up holiday decorations of  lights, stockings and garlands. The highlight of the holiday decor is the tree. Are you fake or real?  I came across this question when I was setting up my tree this year.  Personally, until the age of 11, my family and I went to the Christmas Tree Farm.  We located the biggest tree we could find and chopped it down.

We had a tradition that when we got home, we had hot chocolate and put the early wrapped presents under the boughs. After Christmas, we had the smell of the tree stuck in our house and the hassle of taking it down and getting the mess everywhere.

So, my 12th year of Christmas we decided to get a fake tree for the convenience. Best decision my parents made. No mess, no smell no leaving the house. I know some people like the pine smell and there are candles for that. It’s much more convenient to invest in a fake tree it saves money and the hassle over time.  

“I like fake trees because I never had a real Christmas tree my whole life, and they don’t make a mess and the can look perfect unlike real ones. You can get a candle that smells like the tree if you like the smell. Also, my tree has pre-decorated and easy to set up. I have pets, so if we had a real Christmas tree so they would ruin it,” Raelyn Young said, 

I agree with Young although it’s still fun to put up decorations yourself and put your own little spin on it. I’m starting a poll online here, so head over and check the box for REAL or FAKE and lets vote.