Thoughts On Valentine’s Day


Enid Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s a day which people either love or hate. Some people spend Valentine’s day with their girlfriend or boyfriend and to the people that are not in a relationship, it’s just a typical day.

“A lot of kids especially my age think it’s dumb but I think it’s pretty cool. I know it’s not a real holiday but it’s a day around the country that we celebrate love which is kinda cheesy, I know. I think people view it differently depending on their relationship status and if they have plans for that day,” Junior, Melany Herrajon said.

Other people have completely different opinions.

“I think it’s overrated and not because I’m single, but because it’s a day where people expect some kind of romantic gesture, like it’s an obligation. People go out of their way to go out to dinner or buy some nice gift for their partner, which is good, but on Valentine’s Day it’s not really special because everyone does it. I would rather have some kind of spontaneous romantic gesture instead of a day planned to do something romantic,” senior, Yuleidi Flores said.

A lot of people that are in a relationship like to go out and do something special with their partner.

“Even though I have a boyfriend, I think it is pretty stupid but this will be my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend and we want to spend the day together, even thought we spend most of our time together, whether that is in person or on FaceTime, when we can’t hang out,” junior Hailey Christenson said.

But most will be spending it alone.

“I do not have anything planned and I’ll probably be at home doing homework and watching TV,” Herrejon said.

“I’m not doing anything but in my Sno- Isle clsss, we’re all gonna give each other valentine’s and we decorated our bags,” Al-Muhanna said.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your special someone or you’re spending it alone, don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is nothing but commercial nonsense.