Thoughts on the Coronavirus


Enid Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus has rapidly spread this week throughout Washington. With many schools shutting down and new confirmed cases of COVID-19 appearing throughout Washington, many people in our community are scared about contacting this virus and are worried about what this could lead up to. 

“I am a little concerned but there’s nothing much we can do, other than washing our hands and being cautious. My parents aren’t really that concerned about it though,” senior Dyanna Campos said. 

People who have a loved one with an autoimmune disease, are far more concerned. 

“I feel like this is similar to any other virus. However, people of old age and/or with underlying health conditions are at much higher risk. My younger sister has type one diabetes, which is an autoimmune disorder, putting her in the people at high risk, so this is concerning for my family and I. I believe it is important that everyone takes safety precautions, and to wash their hands to help reduce the spreading of the virus,” Senior, Averi Hartkopf said.

Senior, Malak Al-Muhanna lives with her grandparents, and is worried about how contacting this virus can affect her family. 

“It’s pretty scary. Although the majority of us young teens won’t get affected from it, most of us will become carriers of it and we can pass it on to our grandparents and get them really sick. So it’s really concerning and frightening,” Al-Muhanna said.

Other people aren’t too worried about it. 

“I’m not really worried about it. These things happen every election year, meaning its manmade and the government is behind this. My parents are concerned but we say ’no pasa nada oiga,’ which basically means ‘everything is going to be alright’ in Spanish,” Senior, Yuleidi Flores said. 

The Coronavirus has impacted students in many different ways, whether it’s being paranoid and washing their hands every 5 minutes, or not being able to go to class. 

“All of my classes at EVCC are now online until we finish the quarter and work has been slow because no customers want to go out and eat,” Flores said.

“It has affected me a lot because I take a medical assisting class at Sno-Isle and we have to do an internship and I can’t find a facility that will allow me to do my internship because they don’t want me to get the virus,” Campos said. 

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