High Schooler’s Biggest Hot takes


Lillyana Brastad, Staff

High schoolers are known for being very opinionated human beings, some adults may believe that teen’s have ludicrous views, but that is just not the case. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, whether it be about food, sports, movies, school, and every other topic you can think of. Some opinions are well agreed upon by society and others are considered more unpopular. Some are very well thought out with evidence backing them up and others are quick reactions, or “hot takes”. Teenagers are filled with unpopular opinions/hot takes and they will continue to fight and argue them until others agree. I asked Glacier Peak high schoolers to give me their strongest hot takes and opinions that many people  have disagreed upon; whether you undoubtedly agree with these students or you find their opinion absolutely absurd, I encourage you to look at these views from a different perspective. Who knows, maybe your beliefs will change by reading what these adamant students have to say!


  • Crocs are the best shoes in the entire world, Crocs are perfection. They are comfortable, easy to clean, quick to put on/take off, waterproof, and you can wear socks with them. You can even put them in sports mode when hiking, running, or swimming! If you ain’t crocin you ain’t rockin!”
  • In N’ Out fries are not good. In N’ Out is rare, its somewhere you go on vacation for some quality food, but every time I go the fries cool off super quick and they get stale and they don’t have much flavor or salt.”
  • Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, the pizza flavor gets taken over by pineapple, which is unfortunate because pizza on its own is so good. Also, if you try to just take the pineapple off, it’s too late because the juice has already soaked into the cheese and made it soggy. Sweet and salty is a good combo, i have to agree, but in this case, it’s too far.”
  • Friends is the most overrated TV show of all time.
  • Girls and boys can be best friends without liking each other, boys cause way less drama and are very fun to hang out with and I have more boy friends than girl friends and no I don’t ‘like, like’ them, I even help them get with people they actually like. We all just have a tight bond because I’m not like other girls.”
  • “Pickles are disgusting, they are too salty for me and the crunch is so weird. I don’t want to bite into a salt stick.”
  • Orange juice and Oreos are so good together.
  • “Birds aren’t real, all the birds died in 1986 due to Reagan killing them and replacing them with spies that are now watching us. The birds work for the bourgeoisie.”
  • Wendy’s>>> any other fast food, I like their spicy nuggets and they have yummy burgers, not to mention the elite frosty.”
  • I just don’t get the hype around the Office.
  • Pineapple does belong on pizza, pineapple on pizza is actually really good because it’s a nice mix of sweet and salty, people always judge it before they try it.”
  • JJ is the most underrated Criminal Minds character because she doesn’t have a big role until later seasons.”
  • Oatmeal is trash, it’s unnecessarily thick, looks like baby food, and it has no flavor.”
  • Grades  don’t always play into if you are smart or dumb, you may be smart and just not apply yourself.”
  • PB&Js are gross, I had always thought they sounded kind of gross, so I didn’t try one until freshman year and I ended up not liking it.”
  • Instagram is better than Snapchat, you can post whatever you like, have a theme, like other posts, and so much more. Snapchat used to be a lot of fun but now it’s a little boring just sending pictures of my ceiling back and forth with friends and not a lot of my close friends even use it anymore.”
  • Chicago deep dish is not considered pizza.”
  • Matt Stafford is the most underrated NFL quarterback of all time. Matthew Stafford has played his entire 11-year career with the Detroit Lions. He has thrown for 45,109 yards and 282 touchdowns over that 11-year span, averaging about 4,100 passing yards and 25 touchdowns a year. Yet the Lions have been one of the worst franchises ever. The Lions best season with Stafford at the Helm was their 11-5 2014 season, in which they lost the wildcard game. Stafford has consistently had quietly great seasons while getting next to no prime-time games or playoff victories. One could argue that Stafford’s career has been wasted in Detroit. Matt Stafford has never won a playoff game and has had 1 real star player beside him, Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson. Stafford and Johnson formed a tough to defend dynamic duo, until Johnson shockingly retired at 31 years old. Stafford has stayed loyal and has even won games for the lions with a separated shoulder. Matt Stafford has been a silent star and deserves the title of Most Underrated QB of all time and deserves a gold jacket and a bust in the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.”
  • I don’t like soup because it’s bad.”