Behind the Camera


Alana Bianchi

Madi MP, Staff Writer

As you scroll through your Instagram feed, glancing at your friends posts, what you may not pay attention to is the person who took the picture. Sophomore, Alana Bianchi is a talented portrait photographer that is responsible for many of the images of Glacier Peak students you see when scrolling down your Instagram feed.

Bianchi has a photography account (@alanaaphotos) where she posts all of the beautiful shots.  She photographs her friends modeling by nature or by the water, and she also does sports photography of them in action.

“I used to like landscape photography more, but now I am mainly into portrait photography,” Bianchi said.

Alana hasn’t always been interested in photography, but when she connected with her grandparents, who are photographers, she was able to acquire some knowledge of how to properly use a camera, master lighting techniques and many other useful tools that she has carried into her own photography.

“After learning from them, I found out it is something I really enjoy doing,” Bianchi said.

Photography is more than a passion for Bianchi, it is something that allows her creativity to run wild. Behind the camera lens she is able to challenge herself and pursue her passion. Working towards her dream career everyday, she desires to be a full time portrait photographer and spend each day capturing the moments of peoples lives.