Zach’s Movie Reviews

Elena Ackerman

Over quarantine, we have all managed to find extra time in our schedules.  As part of his new routine, Zach Gamber began rating movies. “Before the pandemic, I used to watch movies in the theaters. During quarantine I wanted to do something fun so I started watching movies and posting them to my Instagram story,” Gamber said.

The rating scale is one through 10.  “When I really enjoy a movie, I give it an 11/10,” he said.

Gamber is starting to gain some traction with his reviews. “Since July of 2020, I have reviewed 205 movies. Somehow, I still have found time to hang out with my close friends,” Gamber said.

He uses an app to keep all his reviews straight. “I use an app called Letterboxd. I like this app because it allows you to see your friend’s reviews of movies, along with the common public,” he said.

“My favorite movies so far are,  Interstellar, Fight Club, The Godfather and The Lord of the Rings-Return of the King,” he said.


NOTES:  Please add Zach’s Instagram handle so others can follow him. Ask him why he liked these movies or why they stand out?  Also, what are the few we should all pass up?