Kane Chronicles is a Must Read

The three books.

The three books.

Tia Vogtsberger, Staff Writer

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan is a three book series about Egyptian gods, humans, and mythological creatures that fight against the ominous gods of evil and their demon followers. The evil gods and demons want to plunge the world into eternal darkness and unending torture. The ones to stop this unpredictable madness rests on the shoulders of two 15 year-olds, Carter and Sadie Kane. The Kanes are decedents of very powerful Egyptian magicians. These magicians were part of the “House of Life,” and their sole purpose is to use their magic to keep the gods contained and out of the mortal world.
In the first book, the Red Pyramid, Dr. Julius Kane and his wife were in London for a mission when something went terribly wrong. Which ended up separating Sadie and Carter and putting them in different homes while growing up. Now they are forced to build a relationship. While they are bonding they learn about their history and the Order of the House of Life. While having to mend a lost relationship, the god of evil is released from oblivion to destroy the world. Who is strong enough to overcome this kind of evil?

In the second book, The Throne of Fire, though very similar to the first book, has even more fights, more characters, and much more adventure. It starts out in Brooklyn, where Sadie and Carter have accidentally set the Brooklyn Museum on fire. They find ancient magical items and leave quickly so that demons don’t track them. Battling malicious gods left and right and hardly having time to sleep, Carter and Sadie continue on their crazy adventure. Meeting new friends and visiting their history, they are on the wild journey.

The last book of this trilogy, The Serpent’s Shadow, is the craziest and action-packed adventure in these series. The god of Chaos is going to swallow the sun. Sadie and Carter race against time and death to save the world.

I can read these books again and again! Seem pretty serious? Wait until you hear the chapter titles! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves action and adventure. Enjoy the ride!