Smoothie Lovin’ Summer


Photo Donated

A Healthy Bonez smoothie bowl.

Eden Iazeolla, Staff Writer

Healthy Bonez Beverage Co. has become quite a hot spot for our student body. It is a popular place on hot summer days, because they serve anything from cold-pressed juices to smoothies and fruit bowls. The smoothie bowls seem to be the favorite. They include granola, cut-up fruits, and at the base of the bowl is a very thick smoothie. Healthy Bonez sells ten different kinds of smoothie bowls that you can pick from.

“My favorite bowl is the Dragon Bowl, it has kiwi’s, blackberry’s, and pitaya. This is by far my go to because it is packed with a sweet and sour punch, which makes this bowl have a surprise in every bite,” Junior Hannah Fadden said.

Not only does Healthy Bonez have very good hot summer day drinks and snacks, but it’s also considered aesthetically pleasing. Lately on social media, a big trend is very clean and sharp looking food that pleases the eye. And due to the crazy bright colors that the fruits give off and the simple packaging that they do, it can make for some good photo opportunities.

“I love the modern and overall trendy aesthetic of the company, they definitely know how to market themselves to teenagers and how to gain more customers just based on how they have made their product look. My favorite thing to do is grab some of my friends and head to get smoothies. Also, we always manage to snap some cute pictures too,” Sophomore Grace Soderbloom said.

Healthy Bonez is located in Kirkland, and is open all week. So, if a cold-beverage sounds good, Healthy Bonez is the place to go.