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Every Day is Christmas

Sia's new Christmas album

Cover of Sia's

Cover of Sia's "Every Day is Christmas" featuring Maddie Ziegler

Cover of Sia's "Every Day is Christmas" featuring Maddie Ziegler

Morgan Raymond, Staff Writer

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November 17th Indie Pop artist Sia released her album “Every day is Christmas,” her debut Christmas album.  Sia is known for her songs such as “Chandelier” and “Cheap Thrills” talking about a more party driven lifestyle and covering her face with a half black and half white wig. The last person one would expect to release a Christmas album is Sia. Her quirky fun style is bringing a fresh new look on Christmas.

The lead single of the album was released October 30 titled “Santa’s Coming for Us.” This title sounds a bit eerie, but this song is filled with happy cheerful music including upbeat sleigh bells jingling. The song includes traditional Christmas elements and presents them in a new way.

On November 9 another single was released called ‘Snowman.’ It has more of a ballad and much slower in comparison to her other single. This song alludes the artist consoling the snowman and the two of them being a couple.

This album includes tracks titled

1 “Santa’s Coming For Us”

2 “Candy Cane Lane”

3 “Snowman”

4 “Snowflake”

5 “Ho Ho Ho”

6 “Puppies Are Forever”

7 “Sunshine”

8 “Underneath the Mistletoe”

9 “Every day Is Christmas”

20 “Underneath the Christmas Lights”

Arguably the most unusual song is “Puppies are Forever.”  It is a song with a great message. It speaks about how puppies are given as gifts and they seem fun but having a dog as a companion is a long term thing.  Puppies turn into dogs and seem less appealing and end up in a shelter. This song talks about how your best forever friend could be at a shelter sitting and waiting to be taken to a new home.

This album is a fresh, fun new take on the holidays. There’s no denying that the original Christmas tracks are creative and show the spunk that Sia brings to all her music.

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