New Turf for the Upcoming School Year


Isaac Ellison, Staff Writer

If you haven’t noticed, for the last two weeks our main football field has been closed for maintenance. Every day we have construction workers on campus ripping up the turf so they can start the process of laying down new turf.

Grounds crews will be working on it throughout  the summer so the field will be ready for fall sports practice starting August 15.

Athletes for many sports are excited for the new turf field because the old turf was ripped up was falling apart. Unfortunately, due to expenses, no grizzly logo will be be sewn into the center of the field.”It’s going to be an all-green field and its going to look new and very nice,” Athletic Director Kevin Judkins said.

The hype for the new field was all the talk during the sport teams’ spring practices. As of now, girls’ soccer and football are sharing the auxiliary field to try to make the most of the fact that they can’t practice at the same time right after school as it usual. Football practice is going to be delayed an hour and a half so that the girls’ soccer team can have a fair opportunity to get their practice in to have a head start for this upcoming fall season.  

All the talk about the new field is creating a lot of buildup and excitement for the upcoming fall sports season so the new field could have its debut for all of the school to see.