Sports Seniors’ Last Season


Lauran Pedley, Staff Writer

As fall sports come to an end, so do many senior athletes’ high school sports careers. Although some will carry on with the sports past high school, a chapter of their lives has closed. Girls’ soccer and volleyball are losing some strong teammates, but the seniors left a legacy for upcoming teammates to carry out.  

For the girls’ volleyball team, the season was nothing short of a success. Four seniors helped lead the varsity team to victory, winning the Reach the Peak Tournament for the first time in four years. Towards the end of the season, they made it through Wesco and got to play their last game in the championship, finishing with a second-place title in 4A Wesco.  “I wish I would have had more fun with it instead of being so worried about the outcome,” Senior Antonia Ordonez Suarez said.   

Three senior captains led the girls’ soccer team, Isabelle Thoma, Alyssa Montgomery, and Ryann Reynolds, alongside six other seniors. The team pushed through their 2022 season and finished as Wesco champions, successfully making it to the playoffs, which is where the seniors had the last high school soccer game of their careers. “I was super sad because I knew it was my last high school game ever,” senior captain Isabelle Thoma said. “It felt like the end of a chapter and although it was upsetting, it also felt like the start of a new one.” 

As Isabelle Thoma reflects on the seniors before her and the influence they had, she recalls how they “taught everyone on the team so much, on and off the field,” a sentiment she hopes she lives up to. “Don’t take anything for granted, it all goes by so fast,” Thoma said, leaving her final message for the upcoming high schoolers.