Another Day Another Bomb Threat

Another Day Another Bomb Threat

Cheyenne Stultz, Staff Writer

Sighs were heard in classrooms across the building as the announcement came on that we would evacuate for the second time in two days. Principal Dean came on the intercom announcing someone had written on the bathroom wall yet again, “Please bring all your belongings to the field.”

Students packed up their bags and headed down to the field to line up in rows. Breath was visible in the 36 degree weather. Teachers stood with their arms crossed eyeing their lines of students.

Teachers are getting tired of having to reschedule lesson plans. “How lame. How old are you? This is ridiculous. There are people who live in a constant state of crisis throughout the world and to us something like this is a big joke,” Ms. Myers said.

Learning from last year’s threats, required bathroom passes and sign-out sheets are in effect. The implementation is ineffective because the perpetrators haven’t been caught in the four evacuations we’ve had.  “I think that we need better cameras and I think teachers need to be more accountable of where their students are located,” Myers said.

Back on the field shivering students waited for the all-clear signal.  “My butt got soaked because my teacher ran out of bags and I had to just sit straight on the wet ground. It was miserable,” Chase Coffman said.

Students were frustrated about the cold weather and length of the evacuation. “People have to stop thinking it is okay, it disturbs class and wastes everyone’s time. Teachers put in a ton of hard work to organize lesson for us and it gets ruined by one kid who wants to skip a test or something,” said Coffman.

“This interrupted my presentation in Independent Living,” Michael Menchaca said. It’s also a publication deadline and several students were in editing pages. “The bomb threat made me so irritated because I am sick already and the student who did this is just selfish. Just because that person didn’t study for a test doesn’t mean we all need to suffer,” Editor-in Chief Emily Nina said.

The consensus among faculty and staff is that although bomb threats should be taken seriously, the writing on the bathroom walls is highly unproductive.