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Flipping to Success

Jennifer Powers doing her bar routine.

Jennifer Powers doing her bar routine.

Jennifer Powers doing her bar routine.

Hailey Miller, Staff Writer

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Jennifer Powers has been doing gymnastics since the age of seven years old. She has been working hard to pursue her dream of going to college in the near future. “In the fall, after a lot of hard work and dedication to this sport I verbally committed to Boise State University,” Powers stated.

When she first started she was motivated by watching the professionals on TV, her parents were also a big support and still are to her when she’s competing. “This year I want to make it to nationals for NCAA, when I get to collage and if making it, it would be such an accomplishment,” Powers explained to me.

Her favorite thing to do at practice is the bars, and her least favorite is the floor. “Milana Brame motivates me the most on my team because she fought through a lot of injuries and got back up and keeps going. She is a very good teammate,” Powers said. Gymnastics takes a lot of time and effort to be really good and to be fully dedicated, “It’s one of those sports where you have to practice daily to get better and to have a good attitude even though it gets tiring after a while, but if you love something you have to keep going and improving,” Powers explained after she told me she practices 25 hours a week.

Powers over the years has traveled many places out of our state like, Washington D.C, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, and Montana. “My favorite experience was when I traveled to Hawaii and competed with my team, and my least favorite experience was when I traveled to Chicago and a college recruiter came to watch me and I didn’t do very good and was falling a lot.” Powers said.

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