Emily Nina: Editor-and-Chief

Emily Nina, senior and editor of the 2016-2017 Yearbook, answered some questions about why she loved Yearbook.


Emily Nina poses for a portrait.

Tia Vogtsberger, Staff Writer

What made you join Yearbook your first year?
I was actually originally interested in photography, so I joined to get more experience with that. It wasn’t until the editors at the time gave me my first page to design by myself: the cheer page. That was when I realized I loved designing.

What made you stay for more years for Yearbook?

Continuing to explore my budding passion for design pulled me into my editor-in-chief position, and the family yearbook gave me showed me that this where I belong!

Did you want to be the Editor?

I didn’t set out to be editor-in-chief; I really just wanted to help where it was needed. Then Mrs. Green gave me this opportunity. I couldn’t be more thankful to her for that, and my staff, for supporting me through everything.

What was your favorite part of Yearbook?

Learning so many new skills that help me so much later in life; and the circle of friends I made, I will never forget the people yearbooks introduced me to!

What will you miss the most next year?

All the close friends I made, and getting to work with all of you lovely people! I will miss it all really.

What are your plans for the future and has Yearbook affected them?

I am planning to become a graphic designer and that is 100% because of Yearbook. Yearbook showed me how much I love design. I am interning at a design firm, Urban Influence, in Seattle right now, And I got that position solely because of everything I learned in Publications!

How has Yearbook influenced you?

I have become a much stronger leader, I think. My first year I was very timid and reserved, but Yearbook taught me to stick to my guts more and trust my own instincts. Not to mention all the skills I gained from this class. I am infinitely wiser, more creative, and open to criticism because of Yearbook.