Schools’ Out, Scream and Shout!

Summer is HERE!


The sun, finally shinning!

Tia Vogtsberger, Staff Writer

The lack of attention is high. Teachers words pass through ears. Rooms are too hot to bear. It makes sense. Only a couple more days until summer, summer, summer vacation! Summer is time for all-day beach outings, long, epic journeys, staying up late at night and sleeping in in the morning. It means pool parties, barbecues, campfires, hiking, camping, the list goes on. For some, it means spending the whole summer with family.

Hey everyone! School is almost out! Can you believe it? It feels like the school zipped by for some and dragged along for others. After the 3, nope, 2 ½ months of summer (darn snow days) the 2017-2018 school year will begin. This years freshman will be sophomores, sophomores to juniors, and 11th graders advance to the legendary seniors. Whoop-whoop!

Summer vacation will be full of pictures from Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps. People are going on trips, out of town, out of state, out of this world!

No, not really, but speaking of space, during August 7th – 8th there will be a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the sun creating a shadow on the Earth that only lasts couple minutes but is so worthwhile and an amazing and magnificent experience. The 10 best places to watch it are in Madras in Oregon, Snake River Valley in Idaho, Casper in Wyoming, the sandhills of western Nebraska, St. Joseph in Missouri, Carbondale in Illinois, Hopkinsville in Kentucky, Nashville in Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Columbia in South Carolina. It is highly encouraged to go. These don’t happen all the time.

This break away from school will be like no other. A lunar eclipse across our country, relatively hot weather this year, and friends and family make summer all the more enjoyable and more to look forward too. Ooh, and how about no finals until next year! Make it a great summer and see you in 2017-2018 at GP!

P.S. To all you seniors, once a grizzly, always a grizzly. Enjoy your summer before college!!!