Interested In Yearbook?

Here’s a quick sum up of what the class Publications or Yearbook does.


Tia Vogtsberger

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up For Publications.

Tia Vogtsberger, Staff Writer

Are you interested in taking photos with fancy digital SLR cameras? How about learning to use graphic design software that is published at the end of the year? Do these ideas appeal to you? All incoming or current Grizzlies, join Publications Staff next year!

Yearbook (also known as Publications) is a year-long class that creates the yearbook from scratch as well as publishes content to an online news site,  The staff  uses the Adobe program InDesign to create graphic content. YERDS (Yearbook Nerds), create every page and pack them with information about the year. Staff members interveiw athletes for sports pages as well as artists and club members like robotics for pages based on clubs and activities.

The Publications class can be taken for Fine Arts, Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Senior English. Students can also take this course through the College In the High School program and earn six credits a year in the Student Media category that helps get ahead toward college tuition.

Yearbook is no joke. There are serious deadlines and after school commitments. Each staff member takes pictures at sports for points with a press pass to get close to the action. The staff works as one big team.  It’s like a job, and a way of life. But if you love it, it will be worth it.  

Yearbook is also the best class ever. We go on two out-of-state trips for journalism conferences. Next year the staff is headed to  Chicago in the fall and then Anaheim in the spring! Also, during deadlines, Mrs. Green holds work nights with lots of food. After school, if you are working on the book, there is a food cabinet and Donut Fridays. (There is a lot of food.)   

Being a Publications staff member looks great on college applications.  Also, YERDS tend to grow on you. They become like a second family. If any of this interests you in any way or you have questions, come into room 205 or ask any YERD about becoming part of the group.