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Snow Days

A car going through snow.

A car going through snow.

Alex Ropka

Alex Ropka

A car going through snow.

Alex Ropka, Staff Writer

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For many students, a snow falling out of the sky beacons hope. Hope that maybe if it snows enough, that the school district will cancel or delay school. It doesn’t take much, but as much as an inch of snow could cancel school or even no snow at all. Black ice and icy roads can be a threat to students driving in the early hours of the day. While it’s important to take the students safety into consideration, some think it’s a waste of time for the district to cancel school, especially when the snow or ice disappears once the sun comes up, delaying school by two hours is always an easy compromise.

It’s easy for seniors to like snow days, for they don’t have to make up the extra days at the end of the year.

“I think snow days are great! I love to go drifting and hang with friends on our days off. It just sucks because we haven’t had any official snow days this year yet,” Jake Pederson said.

Because of the lack of snow this year, some seniors are disappointed they haven’t had any potential “free” days this year.

“Snow days are the best because I get to hang with my friends while building jumps and sledding. It does kind of suck though when you’re an underclassman because you have to make up all of those days at the end of the year,” Brandon Salvador said.

Many seniors would agree that makeup days are a good thing for underclassman. It may be a nuisance for the underclassman and faculty, but it makes sure that they are getting enough days out of the year to teach and learn. And once senior year rolls around, it is almost a reward for your four years of hard work.

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