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Senior SZN Update

Alex Ropka, Staff Writer

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Senior year, the last year of high school. There is so much anticipation for this last year for many students. Many students look forward to graduation and moving on with their lives, while at the same time trying to make as many memories as possible with their friends.

There are so many expectations of senior year and how it should go, but for some it’s completely different from what they thought it would be. “I think Senior year has been going as expected because my classes are really fun and exciting with my friends. I get a little senioritis here and there, but I’m just trying to make the most out of each day,” Senior Molly Weiland said.

Since it’s the Seniors last year, it’s very important for them to value their time. For many, time seems to slip away. “This year has been flying by so fast, it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do. Half the time I just leave my backpack in my car because I don’t need it. I definitely show up late to school and wear sweatpants most days.” Said Senior Coleman Johnson.

“This year has been going by so fast I can’t believe it. Senioritis isn’t really a problem for me because I’ve basically had it since freshman year,” Senior Ryan Nishi said.

For many it may be easy, but for some Senior year is pretty stressful. With college deadlines, tests, and the constant lingering question of “What are you going to do next year?”, it’s understandable that a lot of Seniors are under a lot of stress. “I thought this year would be super easy, but I find that I’m really stressed about my classes a lot. I was hoping I would just be able to chill and hang with friends this year,” Senior Jesse Campbell said.

So, as we make our way through the New Year, Seniors will probably be finishing college applications, finishing any finals, and making the most out of these last months we have together.

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