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5 Things that students will be doing over break

A view from GP before break.

A view from GP before break.

Jordan Handshy

Jordan Handshy

A view from GP before break.

Jordan Handshy

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Spring break is coming up fast, what will you be doing during spring break this year? Here come the top 5 things to do during this year’s spring break.

  1. Go on vacation.Many people end up leaving their homes and going out for vacation during any school break. Many students go out to warmer climates such as Hawaii, Florida, and California, while others stay closer to home with the strange weather we are all used to. “I am going to Hawaii for spring break,” Isaak Wheeler said.
  2. Sleep. We take pride in our sleep around here as high school students it’s a gift that we can sleep so often and for so long. Many people will actually be staying home to sleep during spring break.
  3. Work. Whether it be school work or an actual job, some of our GP students will be put to work during spring break. Though its meant to be a break for a reason, many students will be in on their spring break to prepare for the SAT, doing work at home, or actually at their place of work. This isn’t the best way to spend your break, but its one that many of our students will be doing.
  4. Hanging out with friends and family. Breaks are best spent with the people you love. Many people will be chillin’ with their friends and family members. Some may be traveling to come to you or you to them, but you will make a way. This is really one of the best ways to spend your breaks.
  5. Nothing. Doing nothing is addictive. “It is 100 percent easier not to do things than to do them, and so much fun not to do them. especially when you were supposed to do them.” – John Mulaney. Most of the high school students would agree that this spring break they don’t want to do anything.

What will you be doing this spring break?

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