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Publication students in San Francisco

Publication students in San Francisco

Elizabeth Schwartzhoff, Staff Writer

Every year, Publication students have at least two opportunities to go on convention fieldtrips as part of the program. There is always a trip in November and one in March/April. In November, 14 students whet to Dallas, Texas with Mrs. Green and Mr. Blair and in April, 13 students went to San Francisco, California with Mrs. Green and Mr. Judkins. T

During those five day trips, they often follow a plan of touring the city as well as attending the journalism conference.  Wednesday is mostly a travel day, Thursday is dedicated to sight-seeing, Friday and Saturday are conference days plus a little sightseeing, and Sunday is also a travel day.

Conferences typically go from 8a.m. -2p.m. and you can choose which classes you are interested in, some focus on writing/journalism and some are more design focused. There are so many options to choose from that students usually create first, second and third choice sessions for each hour. One session in San Francisco that was highly attended was led by the yearbook teacher from Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, the school that had a mass shooting and lost seventeen students. She talked about “How to Cover Tragedy in the Yearbook.” It was very insightful and she also talked about the day it all went down.

It is also exciting to be around people who are interested in the same topics as you are. Some of the places we went in San Francisco were Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge, Museum of Modern Art, Fisheman’s Warf ane we rode the trolley.  Every trip is different, so you will never know what to expect but expect a closer bond and more knowledge about journalism and yearbook. he trips are funded in part by the publications program and the students who attend. Next year, the two trips are Chicago, Illinois and Anaheim, California so if you are interested and want the opportunity to go, join Publications.