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5 Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu Hacks

Morgan Raymond, Staff Writer

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With summer coming up you’re going to want to bring some interest of fun to your fast food. With these Chick-fil-A secret menu hacks and you can really spice up your fast food experience.

Senior and Chick-fil-A employee Madison Potter shared her most popular and best secret menu items after a year of working there.

  1. Shakes. On the menu and there are three types of shakes vanilla chocolate and strawberry. However there is a simple way to spice up your shakes. With any flavor you can asked to add Oreo or strawberry. With simply asking for that in your shake you can make it cookies and cream or add some chunks of fresh strawberries.
  2. Sause. A big favorite is mixing Jalepeno Salsa with a Zesty Buffalo sauce. The Jalenpeno salsa is apart of the breakfast menu but if you ask for it they will give it.
  3. Parfait. Also a breakfast item, but still can be served throughout the day. These usually come with fruit on top and/or their fun granola nut blend, but it’s also possible to get it as a dessert. You can ask to pair this Greek yogurt with Oreo crumbs as well.
  4. Arnold Palmer. A popular drink that’s a household name can also be asked for at the counter. You don’t have to separately order a sweet tea and a lemonade and do the mixing yourself. Simply order an Arnold Palmer and they will pour both together in one cup for you.
  5. Wraps. Here’s an alternative to anyone who’s vegan or vegetarian. Order a grilled cool wrap and ask for it without Chicken and/or cheese. It comes with Tomato, lettuce, corn, and beans. It also comes with your choice of dressing.

You’d enjoy any of these Chick-fil-A food hacks. Try them out next time you stop by.


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