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Teenage Driving Statistics

Don`t put your life in danger, remember the regulations of driving.

The parking lot at our campus.

The parking lot at our campus.

The parking lot at our campus.

Jaden Foster, Staff Writer

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The day your parents hand you the keys and send you off is the moment we all long for. Picking out your dream car, driving down the freeway with the windows open, music blasting, and taking midnight ice cream runs with friends are all things that we cannot wait to do. While these things are all thrilling, make sure you know the facts about driving before you get behind the wheel.

According to, 11 teenagers die everyday as a result of texting and driving. Teenagers know that driving is dangerous and being cautious when driving is critical to stay safe. Over 90% of teens admitted that they are aware of the dangers of texting while driving. Despite this awareness, over one-third of teens admit that they send or check texts while driving.

Many teens think they are capable of safely using their cell phones while driving because they are master multitaskers. But, it’s important for teens to realize that they are four times more likely than adult drivers to get into an accident while texting or talking on the phone.

Not only is distracted driving a huge problem within teens but drinking and driving is also something that teenagers keep doing repeatedly and the statistics prove it. We all know the legal drinking age is 21 but that doesn`t stop teenagers from consuming alcohol. According to The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, over 40% of all tenth graders drink alcohol and about one-quarter of fatal teen car accidents involve underage drinking.

Kids start drinking alcohol at such a young age and think it is okay to drive while being under the influence. While these rules and obligations seem quite obvious, teenagers continue to break the rules while driving. As a matter of fact, 70% of teen drivers who were involved in accidents with underage drinking were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash.

Getting the keys for the first time is exciting but remember that driving is not a joke and if taken to lightly your life could be put into danger. Remember to always wear your seat belt, follow safety regulations, turn your phone on silent, keep the music at a reasonable volume, and never drink and drive. If you ever feel in danger getting in the car with someone, don`t risk it. Stay safe and call someone else to give you a ride. If you are driving others, you are responsible for them so act responsible yourself. Your life is the best gift you have, don`t put it in danger while driving.

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