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Making a Change

Hailey Christenson, Staff Writer

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Starting their four-year journey at glacier peak these freshmen just out of middle school, learn how the high school environment works and how to manage school and social lives in order to be successful. After their first year at glacier peak freshman share their advice and what they would do differently in their coming years of schooling.

“I would like to have a free period in the morning, getting out of bed and getting to school on time is really difficult for me and I’m late all the time. Having a period off would make it a lot easier and significantly reduce my absences,”  Sofie Bradford said. Bradford struggles with getting to school. So, if you’re not a morning person you might want to think about a period off in the morning.

It’s really easy to get behind if you don’t study or skip an assignment, and then you end up berried in all the homework you have to do, “If you study a little harder or put some more time into your assignments it can seriously have an impact on your grade,” Christian Hawk said. He shared advice on how he keeps his grades up.

Luke Allan expresses the change he’s going to make for next year, in the romance department.  “Over the summer I’m going to work on my swag and learn a few pickup lines to help me connect better with the ladies,” Allan said.

When a student misses school, it can be tough to get caught up.

“This year I’ve become really consumed with all my school work, I missed a few days and I get so behind. I wind up not finishing any of it and my grades plummet. My biggest advice I can give is to keep up with your work and to miss as little days as possible because it’s really hard to catch up, I will definitely be taking my own advice,” Ella Renschler said.

The balance between school and sports can be tricky sometimes especially when your going to practice every day and you have homework from school, Jackson Hawkins said. “I’m going to work on making time for my school work in the midst of basketball, sometimes everything going on can be overwhelming but using your class time is the best solution when you need more time for extra curriculars,”Hawkins said.

Changing  your school environment may be difficult but once you’ve adapted and adjusted to bad school habits, making a change is difficult. However, putting in that extra effort will be worth it by providing more choices post high school.



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