Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse


Kimberly Freitas, Staff Writer

There’s no surprise that the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse lives up to the expectations of its ongoing reviews.

Never before has such an endlessly inventive and colorfully artistic motion picture touched the theaters. The classic comic book cinematography coupled sporadically with an individualistic animation makes this movie a must-see. The hyper-kinetic and meticulously built action scenes add such a brilliant aura to this film that it was impossible to look away.

It was as though you were reading an enrapturing comic, anticipating the next page that turned for you.

Miles Morales, this new and unfamiliar spider-man, is a Brooklyn teen just trying to get through the advanced school he’s been placed in. His father is an NYPD officer, his mother is a nurse. He has plenty of friends, and an uncle he looks up to. Then, of course, his origin story branches off into the classic mantra of his world turning upside down by a radioactive spider and the threat of impending dangers.

Yet, though the movie is based off an old franchise, the film itself is anything but outmoded. Not only do the aesthetics wildly push artistic boundaries, but this comical comic movie succeeds in pushing tears to the surface as well. The theme of family was explored beautifully in this film through Miles’ struggle in dealing with his enemies.

The art of this movie lies not solely in the animation, but in the message it presents as well. Most of the Spider-Verse characters had found their purpose through agony and through the suffering of a lost loved one. Although Miles loses his uncle and agonizes over it, he is not what inspires Miles powers; it was his father.

Rather than pain and suffering being his gateway to his powers, it was the love and reassurance of his father that brought about his character development. Though this may be a bit of a stretch, it is interesting to think that perhaps the writers were saying that change doesn’t have to come through devastating circumstances. Perhaps it can come from the love and encouragement we’re given by our loved ones.