Ready For Registration?


Angelina Offin, Staff Writer

Registration for all underclassmen is due by this Friday, February 28th. Each student should have received a graduation requirement table, a registration form/four year plan, course description book, and online registration instructions. Make sure to look over all of these forms and meet with your counselor to figure out what classes will fit your schedule the best for the 2020-2021 school year. Click on this link for the registration tutorial:Glacier Peak Registration Online Tutorial

As you are signing up for your classes you want to take into consideration the requirements you need for the college you want to attend. Here are the basic admission required classes for three universities in Washington:

University of Washington: 4 credits of english, 3 credits of math, 3 credits of social science/social studies, 2 credits of of lab science, 2 credits of world language, 1 year senior math, 0.5 credit of art, and 0.5 credit of an academic elective.

Western Washington University: 4 years of english, 3 years of math, 2 years of science, 3 years of social science, 2 years of world language, and 1 semester of fine and performing arts.

Central Washington University: 4 years of english, 4 years of math, 2 years of foreign language, 2 years of science, 3 years of social science, and 1 year of art.

Hey juniors! Did you know that publications counts as your senior English credit? For underclassmen, it counts as a art or CTE credit. Publications is a great class to take to improve your story writing, take pictures at events, create our award-winning yearbook, and make new friends.