This is Nothing like High School Musical!

As kids we all dreamed of what we were going to be like in high school. From  all the things we expected, going to our classes with all of our best friends, and playing all the sports we wanted, while making A’s in all of our classes. Going to the perfect dances with the perfect date or cheering on the football team .We all had dreamed of these things when we were young, but the harsh truth was they were all taken from us with a hit of realty and the snap of a finger of a global pandemic. These seniors chose their movies off of what there high school experience has actually turned out to be.

Sierra Norther: “Probably Monsters University granted it was a college movie My favorite part of high school was some of the dumb crazy stuff my friends and I did just on an everyday basis. And I feel like for lack of a better phrase the vibes between the movie and my memories just fit really well. Along with that that movie is kind of centered around doing stuff with your friends and like not underestimating people and growing together and I feel like those are things I learned and also did throughout high school.”


Maddie Seelhoff: “I think Inside Out is a great movie to describe my high school experience because of all the emotions and events that I have been through over these four years.”


Audrey Wilsey: “A Goofy Movie, because my high school experience has been a roller coaster of different adventures and the experiences, but the end of the movie is really fun to watch and sweet.”